In The Company Of Wolves

and Others Wild at Heart

 501 (c) 3 NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION          

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"Unleash Your Wild Side"
In The Company Of Wolves and Others Wild at Heart
Animals leave paw prints on our hearts....
take time to pause for paws.
Life's a gift ..... Unwrap it!!!!


Founded in 2000 by John and Margaret Johnson

In The Company Of Wolves is a nonprofit organization that is home to domestic, barnyard and non-releasable exotic animals. Our purpose is to provide a loving, permanent home for animals in need as well as educate the public about them. We also assist in finding forever homes for animals in need of placement. We are a licensed facility by the California Department of Fish and Game and U.S.D.A.

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 A Sanctuary's Prayer
God calls us all to do a task,
Just listen and you'll hear Him ask.
Some things are big, and some are small.
Through each of us He covers all.
The Lord called me to help His pets.
The coons, the squirrels, the wolves, the rest.
So send me Lord, your orphaned ones,
Your furry daughters, Your feathered sons...
Your tiny opposums, Your broken deer,
I'll care for them so have no fear.
I'll raise them like they were my own.
I'll care for them till I'm called home.
With each one I hope to be
Worthy of a home with Thee.
So send them on.
I'll do my best... To fix them up and give them rest
And if there's no more that I can do
Then, Lord, I'll send them home to You.
So if you grant me one more day.
Please send another critter my way.

Author Unknown