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Poppy is a Moluccan Cockatoo. She is as loud as she is beautiful. This is the reason she was placed here. Poppy was rescued by a very caring person from a home where she was put in the closet for hours at a time because she was so loud. After some time in her new home, they had to give her up because a baby was on the way and the loud noise that comes from Poppy would not work out with delicate little ears. Poppy came to live with In The Company Of Wolves and this will be her last stop.This is her home forever. Too often parrots and other loud birds are passed from home to home. Please think and research before you choose to get a bird like this as they will be loud at times and the bond they form with you will be strong. Any separation from you ( i.e.  a new home) will be very stressful for the bird. They also can live for many years,75 years or more!



This is Peggy. She is a Ruby Macaw.Peggy was brought to us by her wonderful foster mom Shannon. Shannon had been caring for Peggy prior to coming here. Peggy has only one leg, but she doesn't know she is handicap!  When Peggy lost her leg it happened at a very early age so she just learned to adapt. She can do anything all the others can with two legs. Peggy is a clown and a very sweet girl and we are so happy she can to live with our flock and be an ambassador for her species in captivity and in the wild. She can say her name " Peggy' she says "goodbye" to us everyday as we leave for work and much more!


Say hello to Jewelie! Jewelie is a Blue and Gold macaw. Jewelie was rescued from a shelter by a wonderful organizaion called Mickaboo up in Northern California and was placed with In The Company Of Wolves as her  new forever home. Jewelie had developed a plucking habit prior to coming here, but she has gron some new feathers in various places and we hope more will come! "She says "hello Jewelie how are you?"" step up" and "walnut"

                               Tanquery ( picture and story coming soon)

                                      RJ   ( picture and story coming soon )


Kiwi is a blue fronted amazon parrot. She is in her 20's. kiwi came to live here when her owner passed away. Kiwi is very social. She says "hi, how ya doing" " Come here, whatcha doing" she says her own name and even sings opera!


Alice is an African Grey parrot. Alice came to In The Company Of Wolves when we go and URGENT call from a kind lady named Jessica from another organization seeking someone that could help rescue several parrots closer to our area. Calls were made and volunteers quickly went into action. Several macaws and Alice were picked up from an elderly man having severe health issues that could no longer care for the birds properly. The other macaws were placed in loving forever homes and Alice stayed with us. She adjusted quickly and loves being part of our flock. Alice says no words, however she makes MANY a micro wave beeping, a cat meowing, a dog barking just to name a few. She is quite the clown.


Here is Mango, Harley, and O.C.! The 3 were placed with us when their owner found they didnt have time for them anymore. The happy group serenade us all day long!

Meet Lari and Taylor. Taylor came to us when he was found trying to eat chicken food in our orchard. He must have escaped from his home. Sadly no one ever came forth to claim Taylor. But he is quite happy to live with his companion Lari. Lari is a female parakeet named by a little boy. Taylor is blue and Lari is yellow.


Our darling starling