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Buddy had a good home before coming here. But due to the economy and the prices of hay, Buddy had to be placed in a new home where he would stay forever and be loved the same as before. Buddy is about 19 or 20 years old and he enjoys his days in the company of his best friend Zane.


Zane is about 25 or so years old. Zanes owners had him only as a "trophy horse". When the novelty wore off he was discarded. Zane had not had alot of socialization and when he first came here, he would bite us and charge at us! Through love and patience, Zane has found out what a loving hand feels like and comes up to us sweetly to be pet and groomed. Zane needs to be on a special diet since he has hardly any teeth good enough to process food correctly. He has to have a special blend of "mash" which he loves. Buddy is Zane's best BFF!

Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans came to us when his owner found out he could not be used for the heavy competition in riding he was bought for.  He has a problem with his navicular bone and needs to be able to take it easy.  He is 8 years old. They were happy to place him here where they can visit him and see him happy in his new permanent home.


                                            Angel and Jasmine


These 2 beautiful girls were recued from auction where if it werent for Forgotten Horses Rescue Inc, their fate would surley have had a bad ending. After much love and care to get them trusting and back in good shape we were chosen to give these lovely ladies their new and forever home. They are incredibly bonded and oh so very sweet.









This lovely lady came to us after being rescued by a nice man and we were contacted to see if we had room in our herd. Always being a fan of Buckskins, it was a no brainer...OH COURSE WE DID! After a routine vet check, we came to find out our Buttercup is a bout 28 years old and we are so lucky to have her as part of our lives for the rest of hers.