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Other Exotics

Opossums may look like rats, but they are not. They are actually related to the koala and kangaroo. They may not be cute and cuddly looking as a koala but they are a marsupial which mean they ( the females ) have a pouch for babies.The opossum is North America's only native marsupial.Opossums eat snails and mice in your garden and eat left over dog and cat food in your yard too. So you don't want to leave it out to attract them. They are nocturnal animals which means they hunt at night! Some people think opossums are dirty, but they actually spend many hours each night cleaning themselves. You've heard the term "playing opossum"..... the reason for this comes from the fact that when opossums are caught the opossums try to fake death. This is a survival tactic for them. Many times another animal will leave them alone thinking it is dead and not seen as a threat. Opossums can have up to 19 babies twice a year! About 2 weeks after mating babies are born. They are blind, naked, and poorly developed and about the size of a bean. They have clawed front feet and use them to pull themselves up into the pouch where there are only 13 nipples. Sadly, the rest will not survive. The remaining 13 will stay there for about 2 months until their eyes open and can emerge. When big enough to leave the pouch the young are often carried on their mothers back. They hold on by thier fingers and their own tails. With so many babies being born so often, opossums are not endanged.

Blossom and Buttercup

Blossom and Buttercup are two sisters that came to us when they were about a year old. Kept by an illegal owner they had spent their whole lives in a 2x4x2 cage. An animal recue group got involed and convinced them the surrender these two lovely ladies to us so they can have a better quality of life.  Can you imagine who they felt when they were able to walk around and acutally climb logs!



Emulio is an emu. We are uncertain of Emulio's age. He came to us along with a female emu when there was a raid on a house. The animals were confiscated and the animals were all placed in new homes.


Emuly came at the same time as Emulio in the same raid.  Her age has not been determined either.She has been his constant companion and together they will share their lives together here at In The Company Of Wolves.

Rhett and Scarlet

Rhett and Scarlett are India Blue Peacocks.  Peacocks can live a long time with proper care. Rhett is at least 15 years old. Scarlett's age is not known. Peacocks can be loud and often times people give them up to new homes due to this.