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Raccoons can be found all throughout the United States and doing quite well off of our discards! They can even be found in the middle of large cities! Sleeping through out the day, these masked bandits come out at night to feed. Raccoons do not wash their food but feel around to find food in the waters. One of their favorites is crayfish which they search for with their sensitive hands instead of eyes. Raccoons can be quite comical and seemingly charming, but it is important to remember not to view them as domestic animals and feed them no matter how tempting. This gets them acustomed to humans and that can mean trouble.In some populated areas, raccoons have become quite a nuisance, especially if they are being fed by people. So if you see a raccoon in your yard or neighborhood....just let him go along his way. We can co exist with these wild and curious creatures if we let them be wild!



Sophie came to live with us when a person found 3 orphaned baby raccoons. She tried her best to feed them and care for them. While doing so, she domesticated them so much that they we not suitable for releasing them back into the wild. Sophie came to us with out any hair on her tail! One of her sibling must have used her tail as a pacifier and that created scar tissue so the hair does not grow back. A raccoon uses it furry tail to wrap around themselves to help keep warm..thus, another reason Sophie was not a good candidate for release.

Lucy and Desi

Meet the true comics,....Lucy and Desi! Lucy was found orphaned after a couple found her mother dead. They brought her home and tried to raise her as a pet, but after a few months soon realized that they had made a mistake! Once again, wild animals do not make good pets. They seached for a rehab facility to take her, but they found she too was too accustomed to people for release. It was arranged for her to come here. Desi's story is almost identical and he came about 3 weeks after Lucy arrived. the two have been making a comedy routine of themselves as the stars everyday since!


Jack is our youngest raccoon and he is the sweetest boy too! Raised by humans all his life, he doesn't even seem to know he's a raccoon! He was abandoned by his mother and was found with his cord still on! Bottled fed and loved and cared for by humans, he was NOT a candidate for successful release.